How 'As You Witch' Confections Came To Be

When developing my own form of witchcraft I wanted my spells to feel like they were nourishing my soul, to be sure I was putting my whole heart and all of it's desires and intentions into those spells. While studying the magical properties of numerous types of herbs, oils, flowers and spices to create my own bath teas and spell jars, I found myself thinking that many of the ingredients that went into my spells always seemed like something I wanted to eat and I am happiest and most nourished when I'm eating! And so As You Witch Confections was born from that desire...

I find in witchcraft, just as with cooking, the best ingredients produce the greatest results. I source all of my ingredients either from other (often local) witches or my favorite culinary sources procured from years of experience as a professional Chef. When you gather flavors from the best sources, you bring all of those sources together to create something beautiful and full of good intentions. In my craft, that is synonymous with delicious treats that I can share with others to enrich their own spells and intentions.


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