Blue Moon Water Vial Necklace

Blue Moon Water Vial Necklace

I've always been drawn to the sea and the moon, so living at the beach, I naturally use full moon water straight from the Pacific Ocean for many of my rituals. Sea water is great for cleansing and banishing, while moon water offers healing and transformative energies for every intention. I often carry vials of full moon ocean water with me for luck and protection, and I wanted to pass that opportunity on to my followers.

These vials are preorder, as I'll be bottling this moon water on the upcoming Samhain blue moon. Obsidian is also one of my favorite crystals, as it is great for protection from negative energies and is often used in Samhain rituals. Each pendant includes a vial of blue moon ocean water, bottled by me on Samhain, a few chips of tumbled black obsidian, and your choice of charm on a leather cord.


Charms - 

Pentacle & crescent moon

Fancy crescent moon


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