Muse Tea Syrup

Muse Tea Syrup

Muse Tea Syrup is crafted with crystal infused water, and the finest ingredients, with the intention of clearing your mind and getting your creative juices flowing! Made with Jamaican Blue Mountain and/or Kona coffee beans, purchased from a small, local, family owned roaster, vanilla beans and a tiny hint of almond extract. All of my Tea syrups can also be used on your morning pancakes and waffles, coffee, in cocktails, drizzled over ice cream, or anything else you can imagine!


Each confectionary spell is hand crafted in small quantities. As such no two will ever look exactly alike and may differ from the pictures shown.

  • Disclaimer

    Please note that each spell is for the purpose of the individual. As You Witch Confections does not make any claims or guarantees as to the outcomes or lack thereof regarding spells or magics on the confections sold. Each product is blessed with my own magic practice and intention but the results are independent of the user. Any claims or results from the spells or products are unique to the individual user. Buyer assumes all responsibilities.

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